Schedule Your Valuables with Madison Mutual!

Do you know how much your belongings are worth? They might actually be worth more than you might think they are, and it just so happens that your most valuable possessions are also the easiest to steal.

Now, you know that you can get your home, automobile, and your life insured, but did you know that you can insure your valuables? You certainly can! In fact, insuring your valuables is a great thing to do in case they ever become misplaced, stolen, or destroyed by a natural disaster.

Most homeowner’s policies have special limits on the amount of coverage that they can put toward their valuables like jewelry, furs, silverware, collectibles, and more. If you get your valuables scheduled, however, you can be covered for any and all loss that might occur without a deductible.

Before coming in to get your items scheduled, take a moment to walk around your home and look for items that have appreciated in value since you have obtained them or items that cost a lot of money. Write down everything that is of value on a piece of paper followed by a short description of the items, especially the ones that are the most important personally or financially. This complete description of your items will help ensure that you will receive an item of like quality and kind in the vent of damage or a loss – and you’ll be covered for the loss, too!

Not sure where to start? Here’s a quick checklist to help you get started:






*Fine arts


*Postage stamps, coin collections, or any other collections

*Musical instruments

*Rare books and manuscripts

*Rare items or items that have historical or artistic merit

*Anything else you deem worthy

Now that you’ve written down all of your valuables and a short description of each on a piece of paper, it’s time to stop by our office to see us! We can help insure your scheduled items in order to help settle any future claims you might have regarding an lost or damaged items. We can help you figure out what type of coverage you might need to make sure that all of your valuable items are covered in the event of loss, theft, or damage. Be sure to review, take photos, and update your valuable items on a regular basis!

Ready to schedule your items? Stop by our office or call us at 1-800-766-MMIC to get started! Be proactive and let us help you protect what matters most to you!