Let Madison Mutual Insure Your Valentine’s Day Gifts!

Each Valentine’s Day, an average of $13.19 billion is spent on this romantic holiday. That’s a lot of candy and flowers. While there is nothing wrong with plush bears and free back rub coupons, many victims of Cupid’s arrow seek out gifts of higher financial value.

Electronics, tools, appliances, and fine jewelry are all very popular gift categories with the diamond engagement ring, as always, taking first place. With all of these expensive gifts being purchased, shouldn’t some precautions be taken? Yes, they should. You can insure any of these items in the event they are stolen, lost, or destroyed by a natural disaster!

If you’re considering insuring this year’s big Valentine’s Day purchase, make sure to consider any other purchases in your home that are valuable or you believe may have increased in value over the years. Make a list of these items with descriptions and check it twice (oops, wrong holiday!). This complete description of your items will help ensure that you will receive an item of like quality and kind in the event of damage or a loss – and you’ll be covered for the loss, too! Also, taking photos is always helpful.

Not sure what to include? Follow this checklist!

*Fine arts
*Musical instruments
*Rare books and manuscripts
*Rare items or items that have historical or artistic merit
*Anything else you deem worthy

Love lasts forever, but your purchases may not! Bring us your completed list with descriptions, and we can help you in any future claims you may have regarding your lost or damaged items. Stop by our office or call us at 1-800-766-MMIC to get started!