Do You DIY? 4 Projects to Leave to the Professionals (and 3 You Can Do!)

Do you enjoy sifting through magazine articles, looking for the next DIY project to tackle in your home? With so many articles in magazines and online and all the different things you can do on Pinterest, it’s easy to want to get to try your hand at some of the projects you see. But should you really attempt every project you want to do yourself?

Here are 4 home projects that are best left to the professionals.

Plumbing and Electrical Work – These projects might not seem too difficult to undertake, but they can become disastrous very quickly when carried out by amateurs. In fact, many homeowners’ insurance policies require homeowners to hire licensed electricians, get permits, and have inspections for any electrical work done. You can take on very minor plumbing and electrical projects, but leave the bigger ones to the professionals.

Major Structural Changes – The structures of your home – the headers, footers, and beams – are mostly hidden inside the walls and structures and are essential for your home to remain whole. Don’t take chances with your home’s structural components. Ask an engineer or contractor to take care of any renovations or major changes you plan on making. They will know all about the structural elements of your home and will help you save money in the long run.

Tiling Projects – Tiling might not seem to be a big deal, and really, the installation of tiling is not very hard to do. The corners and edges, however, require the most work and can cause inexperienced homeowners to become frustrated and start all over again. For a good, proper tile installation, leave this to a professional! When done correctly, it looks gorgeous and can last a very long time!

Roofing – You might have the skills to take on some roofing projects, but you might not be fast enough to finish the work in a short period of time. Leaking roofs can expose homes to damage from the elements including snow, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. Protect your home by asking the professionals to tackle the job and give your home a beautiful roof!

Now that we’ve told you about the projects you shouldn’t take on by yourself, here are 3 projects you can DIY!

Painting – Love to paint? Then pick up the brush, open a can of your favorite color, and get started! Homeowners can most certainly undertake the task of painting their homes. All it takes is a stepladder, a firm hand, and lots of patience.

Replacing the Hardware – If you have any cabinetry or door hardware to replace, you have the green light to go ahead and try this! Updating your cabinetry can give your kitchen some extra beauty and life. When doing this, try to match up the handles and pulls to the old hardware as best as you can for the cleanest look.

Landscaping – Exteriors can be difficult to maintain; however, they aren’t impossible to breathe some life into them! Mow the lawn regularly, maintain the trees, create a beautiful garden full of your favorite flowers – these are some of the things you can do to make your landscaping shine in the warm seasons. If you like to partake in messy DIY projects, landscaping is right up your alley!

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