Banish the Dry Winter Air in Your Home With These 7 Tips!

Winter is still very much alive and well in the Midwest, and you probably have been noticing your skin becoming more dried out than usual throughout the winter. Maybe you’ve experienced more static cling and static shock or an increase in your allergies as well. If this sounds about right to you, you could have dry air in your home, a problem that is pretty common amongst homeowners in the wintertime. This issue is caused by low humidity, which isn’t uncommon during the winter months. This dry air can frequently lead to nosebleeds, dry skin, and a greater susceptibility to viruses including the cold and the flu virus.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to fix this problem, nor do you have to wait until the arrival of spring. Try these 7 handy tips on for size and get that humidity back into your home ASAP!

Purchase a Good Humidifier – This is the easiest, most immediate fix to the problem, although it will cost you some money. A humidifier will bring moisture into the rooms that are the driest. Aside from fronting the money, you will also have to keep in mind that they could hike up your energy bill when you run them. Aside from that, a humidifier is a good purchase to make if you want to get rid of dry air fast.

Put Vases In Sunny Places – You don’t even need to buy flowers for this tip to work! Grab a vase, fill it with water, and leave it in front of a sunny window. The sun will begin to evaporate the water through the window. This releases moisture into the air, eradicating dry air.

Cook a Favorite Meal on the Stovetop – Love stir-fries? Enjoy frying chicken or fish? Get cooking (literally)! When you use your stovetop, you will unknowingly increase the amount of moisture in the air. Don’t want to cook? Try making a hot cup of tea to stay warm and put out some moisture at the same time with your kettle!

Enjoy a Shower With the Door Open – Hot showers feel pretty amazing in the winter. Next time you enjoy one, go ahead and leave the door open. The steam will easily add extra moisture into your home. Are you a bath fan? You can still take baths, but try to leave the warm water in the bath to cool first before you drain the tub. This is a good way to get the remaining heat to add a bit of humidity to the air.

Place Bowls of Water on Your Registers – Do you have registers that run through the floor? Grab a large metal or ceramic bowl, fill it with water, and set it on top of your registers. The water inside the bowl will eventually heat up and will push humidity into the air!

Air Dry Your Clothes – We know that the dryer is a convenience, especially in the wintertime, but try to say “no” to the dryer more often. Break out the old rack and dry your wet clothes on it to help bring moisture into the air and save on your electric bills!

Bring Home a Houseplant – Houseplants are amazing. They don’t ask for much, but in return for water and sunlight, they give us oxygen, a bit of happiness and color, and yes, moisture! Through the process of transpiration, which is what happens when moisture evaporates from the leaves and stems of a plant, your new floral friend will help decrease the dryness in your home. Just be sure to keep them well-watered!

How do you tackle dry air in your home during the winter? Which tricks have you found to be the most effective? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!