9 Easy Ways You Can Decorate for Spring

It’s official – on Saturday, March 19, spring will be upon us! If you’re like many other people out there, you’ve probably been feeling an itch to redecorate your space for the season. Whether you’re renting your first apartment, have your own house, or live in a dorm room, there are plenty of ways that you can welcome spring into your space this year.

Read about our 9 tips below to help you welcome spring into your home. Try one, a couple, or all of them!

Create Your Very Own Terrarium – Nothing says spring more than greenery! Place plants that share light and watering needs but vary in texture and color together in a glass terrarium in front of a sunny window to bring some life into the room.

Bright or Pastel Paints – Paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to help you totally revitalize a space. Choose a springtime color, pastel, or a bright and happy color to paint an accent wall or even the entire room. This will really help set the mood for the season!

Switch Up Your Pillows – Now is the time to replace your fall and winter throw pillows with lively, brightly colored ones! Feel free to play with patterns and textures to find what works best for you.

Use Fresh White Accents – White accents can brighten up any space right away. Try white bedding, clean white sheets and slipcovers, or even a few white vases to give your home that crisp, clean feeling.

Lighten Up Your Bedding – As cozy as those flannel sheets can be, it’s time to pack them up in favor of light, airy sheets and bedding. For those transitional nights when it’s chilly, keep a warm blanket on the end of your bed to keep you warm.

Refresh With Wallpaper – Wallpaper can work wonders on your walls. Try out the peel-and-stick kind of wallpaper to make the job easier. When you want to put something different on your walls later on, this removable wallpaper can make switching in an out a snap.

Bring in Fresh Flowers – Bring the outdoors inside by finding some of your favorite flowers. Find a handful of pretty wildflowers or buy a bouquet of flowers from the store. These flowers will give your home a seasonal face-lift right away!

Play With Color – Spring is the time for color, color, and more color. Experiment with pops of color around the home. Try adding a large white bowl full of lemons or bring in pots of daffodils. Brightly colored dishtowels work to breathe life into the kitchen as well!

Keep It Light and Airy – Take down those heavy drapes and replace them with sheer materials to let in the light. Think voile and lace drapes. If you don’t want to purchase all new drapes, you can find affordable materials at your local fabric store. Just pin up the fabric or sew a rod pocket at either end.

How do you get ready for spring? We hope that once the decorating is over that you call up your friendly Madison Mutual agent at 1-800-766-MMIC to be sure that your home is protected from spring storms and other incidents. After all, anything can happen!