9 Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Spring Today

Winter has finally vanished, and spring has now taken its place! That means it’s time to roll up the rugs, shake off those cobwebs, and open the windows to let in some fresh springtime air.

Not sure how to welcome spring into you home? Snap out of your dreary winter rut and update your home for those sunny days ahead with these 9 ways!

Switch Out the Pillows – Your favorite velvet and silk pillows are gorgeous and classy, but they can feel a little heavy for the warmer months. Temporarily exchange those pillows with pillows in breezy fabrics such as linen or printed cotton. It will help lighten your living room a bit!

Refresh Your Bedding – What better way to welcome the new season by treating yourself to a new duvet? Choose one that brightens up your bedroom with light, airy colors. It won’t just brighten up your bedroom – it can also help give you the motivation you need to take the time to make your bed every day!

Start Cleaning – Aside from the typical de-cluttering, dusting, and vacuuming, take some extra time to address the areas in your home that you typically overlook. Dust the fan blades, mop the floors, and touch up walls and trim that have become dingy over the winter. Even a little bit of scrubbing with a magic eraser will work wonders.

Say Yes to Color – If there’s any time during the year to add color, spring is the time to do it! Adding colorful accessories to your coffee tables and entryway pieces is an easy and affordable way to welcome spring into your home. Choose bold agate accents, gold leaf pieces, affordable vases, and colorful books to make your home look light and fun!

Bring In New Scents – It’s time to put away your cinnamon and pine needle candles in favor of lighter scents! Choose candles that have a fresh laundry scent or something citrusy or flowery. It will make you feel like your home is airy, clean, and part of the world outdoors all at the same time!

Dress Up Your Table – Pack up the dark tablecloth in exchange for one that is more playful for springtime. Cloths in lighter shades or in floral patterns work great for the season. There are countless fabrics out there, so pick one that works best for your table and your space!

Keep the Décor Simple – Spring is the season in which the freshness of the outdoors should be reflected in ourselves and in our homes. This renewal doesn’t mean that you need to change everything in your home – rather, you should pare down on what you have to reflect the simplicity and beauty of the season. That means rolling up the area rugs to bask in your bare floors, switching your typical accessories in favor of simple fresh spring branches and houseplants, and exchanging the heavy curtains for light, breezy ones.

Give Your Door Some Love – Bring the luster that your front door once had by polishing the hinges and knobs. Give it a blast of color by painting or staining it so it stands out yet complements your trim and siding as well. Finally, adorn it with a new welcome mat, and make sure that your doorbell works!

Bring Some House Plants Home – Houseplants are really a wonder. They clean the air in your home, act as a decorative piece, and are very affordable. Splurge on a few of your favorite houseplants and bring them in your home today! Got a brown thumb? Try bringing a small succulent like a cactus or jade plant home! They’re incredibly easy to care for and require hardly any maintenance.

How do you get your home ready for spring? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook page! Remember, no home is complete without a good home insurance policy! Make sure that you’re prepared for springtime storms with a great policy from Madison Mutual! Call 1-800-766-MMIC to find out more!