8 Times You Need to Call Your Insurance Agent

Anything can happen in life. Maybe a severe thunderstorm cracks a heavy branch from your tree and causes it to land square on your roof. Perhaps you’re thinking about moving to another state for a new job. Whatever occurs in your life, you will want to make sure that you are protected in your insurance policies, and that typically requires talking with your insurance agent about what’s happening in your life.

Not sure when calling your agent is necessary or a bother? Read about the 8 times you need to contact your insurance agent below!

File a Claim – After an auto accident or a damaging, raging storm that left your roof with a gaping hole in it, you’re probably stressed and filled with dread about filing a claim about the incident. Don’t stress out – just call your agent and ask him or her to file the claim for you. Your agent will want to take down the details of your claim, and a claims adjuster will probably contact you to verify the information you’ve provided.

Trouble with Claims – If your claim isn’t going smoothly, your agent will help you straighten everything out. While many agents don’t handle claims first-hand, they do want to make sure your claim is going smoothly. Confide in your agent and let him or her help.

You’re Moving – Always notify your agent if you’re moving, whether it’s across the street or across the country. They will need to be able to contact you via mail and phone. If you happen to be moving out of the immediate area or to a different state altogether, your agent can still locate other agents who sell the same insurance carrier in the area you’ll be living in.

Major Additions – It’s always a good idea to contact your agent if you’ve made major additions or changes to your home, just to make sure that your insurance policy and coverage haven’t changed. It’s important to keep your single largest asset up-to-date and properly covered!

Add or Remove a Driver – Whether you’re adding or removing your teenage driver or adding on a new spouse to a vehicle, call your agent first to change the number of drivers on your vehicle so you can get the proper coverage.

Add or Remove a Vehicle – If you’re purchasing a new car because your old one gave up the ghost or if you’re selling a car you no longer need, contact your insurance agent for a quote to see what the price will be in adding a vehicle and how much you could save when you take a vehicle off the policy.

Questions About Your Payment – Don’t be afraid if you have any questions about your policy – it can be very confusing, but your agent can definitely answer your questions! Just call your agent if you have questions about renewals, late fees, payment options, or any other questions you might come up with! Remember, your agent wants to keep you happy, safe, and informed!

Change Your Coverage – Whether you’re getting rid of a policy, obtaining another policy, or purchasing an umbrella policy, let your insurance agent know what’s happening. Even if you’re temporarily changing a policy like taking your summer car off for the winter because it’s going into storage, you will want to get the advice of your agent to help you both make the best decision for you.

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