8 Things To Do Before Storm Season

There will be 100,000 thunderstorms this year. 10,000 of those will be severe.

Somewhere between $8 billion to $14 billion in hail damage will be claimed. Wind and tornado damage? Oh, just $3 billion.

It turns out that Mother Nature can be pretty expensive.

The good news is you can protect your belongings pretty easily.

Here’s how.

Hire a Wind Mitigation Inspector

Did you know there are pros whose only job is to find potential pitfalls in your home from a storm damage perspective? And they only charge around $100 for a pillar-to-post-inspection.

These inspectors will look at window and door coverings to the way your roof is attached or even how your roof is sealed.

Then they’ll give you a comprehensive list of things to improve.

One of those things they might recommend is…

Installing Storm Impact Windows

According to FEMA, windows are the most likely part of your home to be damaged during a storm. So, it makes sense to invest in them.

Fortunately, you can buy specialized storm-impact windows that use fortified, laminated glass and a special glazing process that can take a beating from high winds, heavy rain, and debris.

While replacing windows can be expensive, there’s a more budget-friendly option…

Installing Storm Shutters

Imagine there’s a tornado watch for your area. You walk outside, spend a minute with your windows, and presto: they’re protected!

With storm shutters (sometimes called accordion shutters), that’s exactly what happens.

Not only do these cost-efficient methods bring peace of mind, you can paint them to match the trim of your house! Speaking of windows, it’s a good idea to…

Never Open Windows During a Severe Storm

There’s a story going ‘round that opening windows while Mother Nature rages will equalize pressure throughout your house.

That’s just flat out false!

If anything, your house will become more pressurized, like blowing up a balloon. Only in this case, instead of popping, the air could push your roof off or wall.

Enough about windows. You should also pay attention to your doors, especially by…

Using Better Nails

You know the old saying: “A door is only as strong as its frame”.

No? Well, it’s not a well-known saying. But it’s still true.

You could have a strong, wind-resistant steel door. But if something hits it and the frame is weak, you might as well invite the wind and debris in.

But what about garage doors? We’re glad you asked because you can protect those with a…

Vertical Bracing System

This anchors into the wall above your garage door, into the floor and each hinge, which keeps the door from blowing in or being suctioned out.

It takes about an hour to install. But you can set it up in just a few minutes when you need to use it.

All you need is a masonry bit, hammer, and a screwdriver.

If you don’t have a garage or a blanket to protect your car, you could always…

Use Your Floor Mats

Granted, this suggestion is more of a last-ditch effort. But, it’s better than nothing in a pinch and will actually protect your windshield or hood.

Adding comprehensive coverage to your auto policy might also make sense depending on its value.

No matter what, with Madison Mutual, you’ll experience…


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