7 Smart, Easy Ways to Store Your Holiday Decorations

Christmas is over now, and while you still might be enjoying your time now with your friends and family throughout New Year’s and the remainder of the Christmas season, it will soon be time to take down your Christmas decorations and store them away for next year. We know that putting all those decorations can be quite a chore, but if you do it properly, you’ll have an easier time assembling things next year!

Check out our 7 tips and tricks below for properly packing and storing your holiday decorations!

Be Smart About Tree Storage – Artificial trees can last for years and years to come if they are taken care of properly. Before you store the tree, think about its weight. Many are too heavy to wrangle into a trap-door attic or lug down a flight or two of stairs. To save yourself a headache (and a backache!), consider storing your Christmas tree on the same floor that it is used such as in a storage room, a closet, or even an attached garage.

Store Christmas Lights Tangle-Free – Storing lights after the holidays can be such a pain. It’s even more of a hassle when you revisit them in the following year and try to untangle the cords without breaking off or damaging the lights or wires. Avoid the tangled mess by using a piece of masking tape and permanent marker to label each strand. You can indicate how long it is or where you usually use the lights. Afterward, wrap the strands securely.

Protect Your Ornaments – Ornaments come in many different shapes and sizes and can be very fragile. Instead of tossing them in a box, try storing them in a container that is designed with layers and fill the empty space around each ornament with tissue paper to keep them secure. When looking for your container, try to choose something that is lightweight, has fabric-lined trays, and has plenty of padding.

Wrap Up the Gift Paper – If you’re not able to store your giftwrap, paper, tags, bows, ribbons, and tape in one small permanent area, you can put it all into an under-the-bed storage system. If there is no room under your bed for all of your supplies, your gift wrapping supplies can be stored in an organizer in a guest room closet.

Make Setting Up Villages Easy – Do you have Christmas villages? If so, you might know how much work it takes to set up the villages and all of the snow, landscaping, lighting, and accessories each year. Make set up easier next year by storing your villages inside of their packages and placing them inside a storage bin FIRST. Then place any snow, ground, and other accessories you might have on top of the village boxes. By doing this, you can set up the things that naturally go out first without having to dig through all of the village pieces.

Keep Your Wreath Safe – While relatively sturdy pieces, wreaths can be quite fragile, especially if they feature dried berries and twigs. Keep your wreaths safe, decorated, and fluffy for next year by storing it in a crush-proof container! Even though it might take up more space, the container will do a great job protecting what’s inside and can be stacked.

Keep Linens and Cloths Fresh – Want to keep your tree skirts, seasonal tablecloths, and other festive items fresh, fluffy, and protected from moisture, moths, and mold? Consider storing them in a hanging vacuum-storage bag. You can even store your plush winter throws in these storage bags, too. Next year, you can unseal these seasonal items, and they will be as fresh as they were when you stored them!

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