Going Beyond Spring Cleaning: 7 Must-Do Maintenance Missions

Last year, we shared Your Ultimate Guide to Spring Cleaning…inside the house. This year, let’s tackle some of the maintenance missions for other areas around your home that may need some TLC as we head into spring.

  1. Walk around your home. Take a quick inventory of the outside of your home. Check the foundation for any sign of erosion or water damage; make sure the siding or masonry are in good shape; use binoculars to take a peek at your roof for any shingle shifting, broken or missing shingles, nail pops or black stains, which are actually algae feeding on the limestone filler in shingles.
  2. Check the chimney. Make sure your brick or stone chimney joints are secure and don’t have any vegetation growing into them, which can lead to water infiltration. You may even consider resealing your chimney to prevent future water seepage.
  3. Get a handle on the gutters. Depending on the style of your gutters, it’s super easy for leaves and debris to get caught in them, which can lead to mold and mildew, attract unwanted mosquitos, and cause overflowing that can damage your siding, foundation and landscaping.
  4. Arm your AC for warmer weather. This includes cleaning or changing the filters monthly, washing the coils and condenser, if applicable, and trimming any vegetation that’s creeping into or around the AC to keep it clear.
  5. Mind the gap(s). Seal up any holes where bugs or vermin can infiltrate your home – both outside and inside – including in the foundation, windows, screens, pipes, etc. Termites alone cause $5 billion in property damage every year in the U.S., according to the National Pest Management Association.
  6. Power up! Determine if it’s time for a good power washing of your driveway, sidewalk or patio to remove mildew or discoloration and ready your outdoor spaces for the warmer weather, or if you should reseal or restain your deck to keep it protected.
  7. De-gunk your grill. If your grill sits outside in the colder months, you’ll want to check the burner jets for clogs or debris, make sure any hoses and connections are secure and in good working condition, and check your propane tank level. If you kick it old-school with a charcoal grill, give it a good cleaning to remove any grease residue and leftover ash.

Now…bring on the warm weather!