7 Easy Tips That Will Keep You Safe at the Gas Pump

Putting gas into the ol’ tank is something that we as drivers need to do pretty frequently. An estimated 40% of us have to fill up our gas tanks weekly to get us safely from Point A to Point B. We don’t really think about our actions too much at the gas pump, but there can be a lot of dangers when it comes to filling up the tank.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 5,020 fires and explosions occurred at gas stations every year from 2004 to 2008. That means that on average one in every 13 service stations experienced a fire, and these fires caused 2 deaths, 48 injuries, and $20 million in property damage each year. Sadly, many of these fires could easily have been prevented.

Follow these 7 tips below to keep yourself, your loved ones, and others around you safe when you fill up your tank!

*Turn your car off every single time that you’re pumping gas.

*Never leave the pump unattended! There could be an issue with your car or the pump that can lead to an expensive and messy gas spill.

*Don’t reenter your car when you start fueling – it can build up static electricity, which can be dangerous when discharged near the point of fueling. If you do have to reenter for some reason, make sure to touch metal to discharge the built-up charge before going near the pump.

*Stay off your phone when pumping gas. You should be paying attention to your surroundings. From car thefts to others causing accidents, anything can happen, so make sure that you are alert.

*Lock your car when you’re pumping gas. It can be easy for someone to sneak into your vehicle when you are unaware and have left the doors unlocked. Protect your car and yourself by locking your car until you’re done pumping gas.

*Only use approved fuel containers when getting gas. Containers that are not approved don’t have the proper materials that can withstand the harsh chemicals that are found in gasoline. Don’t fill the container too full of gas, and always fill it on the ground and not in the trunk of your vehicle.

*Don’t smoke when you’re at the pump. Fuel vapor is flammable!

We hope that these tips help you stay safe the next time you need to refuel. Keep your car extra safe by speaking with your agent at Madison Mutual Insurance Company about auto insurance. Just call 1-800-766-MMIC today, and we can help you get started!