7 Easy Halloween Safety Tips to Keep In Mind This Year

Yes, it’s still September, and while the conditions are still up there with the sweltering heat and humidity of summer, we are beginning to see more and more Halloween and autumn merchandise grace the store aisles once more. Some fall enthusiasts have even begun decorating for the upcoming season (and we can’t blame them – fall is great in the Midwest!).

These visual reminders of fall and the ever-popular holiday of Halloween makes us give pause and send out friendly reminders to you and yours to stay safe this Halloween. Here are 7 easy safety tips for you to keep in mind this Halloween and all Halloween events in the future!

*Check your candy and treats for choking hazards and tampering before you eat them. It’s best to eat factory-wrapped treats only and to avoid eating homemade treats made by people you don’t know.

*Stay in groups. Try to avoid trick-or-treating alone, and make sure that kids walk in groups or with a trusted adult.

*Never allow a child to enter a home unless you are with them, and only stop at well-lit houses when you trick-or-treat.

*Stay seen! Wear reflective tape on your costume and consider putting some on your bags to help drivers see you at night.

*Holding a flashlight or glow-sticks while you trick-or-treat will help you and your kids be seen by those driving vehicles.

*Remember to walk and not run from house to house.

*Be smart with your costumes. Remember to well well-fitting masks, costumes, and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips, falls, and injuries.

We hope that you’re ready to have a fun, happy, and safe Halloween with your friends, kids, and loved ones! Just keep these 7 tips from the experts in the back of your mind, and you’ll be all set!