6 Unique Ways to Celebrate Fall

Autumn is a beautiful season that brings with it vivid colors, cooler temperatures, and countless opportunities to take advantage of the many adventures and goodies that nature has provided. While the typical thing to do when fall rolls around is to go apple or pumpkin picking, take hayrides, and get lost in a corn maze, you might be looking for something different to do to commemorate the season.

Check out these 6 different ways you can celebrate fall below!

Make Something From Scratch – Whether it’s your favorite seasonal pie (we’re looking at you, pumpkin and apple!), banana bread, or pumpkin spice cookies, get creative and make your very own autumnal treats this fall! Stop by your local farmer’s market or patch to nab some tasty fruits of the season, find the perfect recipe, and try it out. Make it more fun by inviting your friends over to sample them!

Host a Chili Cook-Off – Warm dishes are a welcomed luxury of fall. If you’re a chili fan, try hosting a chili cook-off with your friends! You and your buddies can make a huge array of chili dishes and sample each one. Make sure to leave out tasty sides and garnishes like avocado, cheese, cornbread, sour cream, and chives. Once you’ve all tasted them, you can determine the winner and give them a blue ribbon for their dish!

Take a Hike – Fall is the best time to get out and enjoy the world around you. The weather hovers at a nearly-perfect temperature, and the trees are bedecked in shades of gold, orange, and ruby. Visit your favorite trail to check out the beauty around you, or go somewhere new and find a new favorite path or park!

Save and Press a Fall Leaf – While you’re hiking, be on the lookout for a fall leaf on the ground that simply leaves you speechless. Whether it’s a sycamore leaf, a maple leaf, or something different altogether, take one or two favorites home and press them under a few heavy books for a day or two. You can leave your leaf in a favorite book, or you can place it next to your favorite autumnal poem as decoration.

Dabble In Fall Colors – Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean that you need to trade bright and cheerful shades in for black and drab hues. Have some fun and play with colors this fall! You can decorate or paint your home or deck yourself out in traditional hues like vibrant red, gold, or burnt orange, or you can think a little more outside of the box and choose colors like cream or even cobalt blue as part of your newfound color scheme.

Plant Spring Bulbs – It’s never too early to think about spring! October is the perfect time to grab a trowel and plant bulbs that will flourish in spring. Think daffodils, tulips, and irises when it comes to bulbs to plant, and make sure to do this before the first frost hits.

How do you celebrate fall? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page! We would love to hear from you!