6 Simple Ways to Help Neighbors During COVID-19

Nobody is the same as they were six months ago.

Everybody has been affected in some way, shape, or form.

Some of us think it’s time to get back to normal. While some of us are in a wait-and-see mindset.

But one thing is true: we need each other, if not this moment, sometime in the future.

So, what simple ways can we be neighborly to those who live right above us, or right across the street? To make that as natural as waking up in the morning?

A lot, as it turns out. And it all starts with…

Saying “Hi”

Let’s face it: most of us just aren’t neighborly. Research says more than half of us only know some of our neighbors. And hardly any of us know all of our neighbors.

Here’s the thing, though. It doesn’t have to be that way. We’re not saying to share your deepest secret with Suzy next door (if you know her name at all). We are saying to just say “Hi”. Or at the very least, give a real smile.

It’s a start. And that simple interaction just might brighten someone’s day more than you thought it could. Who knows, it might even lead to…

Keeping Packages Safe

36% of us have been the victim of porch plundering. And while you might think with work from home would be a deterrent, 25 million households have still fallen victim because of more people ordering online.

So, if you happen to see a delivery for your neighbor, it wouldn’t hurt to knock, call, or text to let them know. It only takes two minutes to potentially save them a lot of stress.

Or, you could help install a doorbell security system (we offer home insurance discounts for those).

Speaking of ordering online… 

Support Small or Local Businesses

Small businesses generate 44% of all US economic activity. And unfortunately, more than 100,000 small businesses have shut down forever since March.

Believe it or not, you have the ability to turn the tide. The next time you need something from a big box store, do a search for a mom and pop shop in your area that sells the same thing and order online from them. Or the next time you crave a Big Mac, order curbside from that hole-in-the-wall burger joint down the road.

They need your money more than a Fortune 500 company does.

And if you need to run out to the store…

Pick Something Up for Your Neighbor

It could be a long list or a single item. But the fact is, not everyone feels comfortable going out in person just yet. Maybe they don’t know the wonders of InstaCart. Whatever the reason, the fewer people that are inside a store, the lower the risk of transmission or contracting.

So, save them a trip and do some good. And if your neighbor is all stocked up, maybe you could…

Help Around the House (Or Yard)

We covered previously how you can increase your home’s value. One of those ways is a little landscaping (and if your neighbor’s house is looking better, it can only help the value of your home, too).

With fall coming up, there are lots of things you can do to lend a helping hand. Even something as easy as replacing smoke alarm or carbon monoxide batteries shows that you care about their well-being. And they’ll be more likely to return the favor for you.

But what if you’re an introvert? Or not handy?

What if your nearest neighbor lives half a mile away?

Well, you can always do the ultimate neighborly thing there is and…

Donate Blood Or Plasma

Our nation is experiencing a plasma shortage. We know the thought of white coats and needles isn’t for everyone. But for those who are willing, there’s no better way to give back.

Some places will even offer to pay for your donation, so it’s a win/win for all involved, all in the name of a bigger cause.

We’re Looking Out for You

We are so, so grateful to have customers like you. And it’s our job to find ways to protect your passions and possessions.

We would love to discuss how we can provide better coverage and even save you up to 15% in the process.

Call us at 800-766-MMIC (6642) or contact your local agent for more information.

Because that’s what being a neighbor is all about.

It just comes down to being decent.