6 Energy Efficient Home Improvements That Will Make You and Your Wallet Happy

Boosting your home’s energy efficiency can have positive effects in numerous ways. You won’t just help save the environment and your wallet; you’ll also help make your living situation more comfortable and healthier for all residents and guests!

By adopting these 6 energy-saving tips, you can lower your bills and improve indoor air quality all while helping the environment!

Insulate Your Home – Did you know that 40% of the circulated air in your home is lost to leaks in your attic, crawl spaces, and the tiny cracks that lead outside? A go-to method for insulating your home is, of course, adding more insulation in your attic, doors, and walls. However, giving a fresh seal of caulking to your windows or replacing worn and torn weather stripping around your doors will also prevent air leaks. These methods can help ensure a cool home in hot summer months and a warm, cozy home in the cold winter months and will also take some pressure off your furnace and air conditioner!

Overhaul Your Windows – Your old windows are scorching your piggybank! Usually single paned and aluminum framed, your windows allow for easy heat transference. By replacing your windows with argon gas-filled double or triple panes, you will notice keeping your house at appropriate temperatures will become effortless. If buying new windows doesn’t fit the budget, tinting windows where the sun is most intense will also help.

Plant Trees – Not only are trees great for building awesome trees houses, but they also act as a natural sun blocker during peak temperatures of the day in the summertime. Giving the opposite affect in the winter, the bare trees will allow warm sunshine to beam into your home, providing you with natural heat. An added bonus – sunlight is 100% free!

Replace Ancient Appliances and Fixtures – Older appliances and fixtures equals less energy efficient. Less energy efficient equals more money leaving your wallet. A simple fix is installing a programmable thermostat to reduce the amount of energy being exerted when you aren’t there to reap the benefits! If you’re in the market for new appliances, research various brands that are “Energy Star Certified.” Also, low flow appliances and high efficiency, on-demand water heaters are easy to maintain.

Switch From Incandescent to Fluorescent – The initial cost of fluorescent bulb may scare some off, but if you can get past spending a little more upfront, they will pay for themselves in the long run – lasting 8-12 times longer! Even mixing the two will have a noticeable impact.

Install or Utilize Ceiling Fans – Surprising fact: ceiling fans actually cool the air in your house more efficiently than your air conditioner does. Not only are they a convenience for summertime months, but they actually work well in winter months, too! Most ceiling fans have a reverse switch so the blades will counter the rising heat and push that heated air back down.

Even implementing one of the above strategies in your home will make a notably big difference in your wallet in the coming seasons! Explore other ways to save money by reviewing your homeowners insurance policy with Madison Mutual. Call us at 1-800-766-MMIC to talk to your agent or find us online at www.madisonmutual.com!