6 Awesome Yard Games to Play at Your Next Backyard Barbecue

Summer is finally here! Whether you want to get together with your friends and family for a good time or are planning the best block party your neighborhood will have ever seen, summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Between the grilling and the dancing, why not try some fun yard games for your family, friends, and neighbors to enjoy? Try out these 6 fun yard games this summer!

Giant Inflatable Bowling Set – Love bowling but don’t want to rent any funny shoes? Get your own set for your backyard and bowl with your own shoes (or barefoot)! Instead of using your hands, try kicking the huge bowling ball for a strike. Find yours at Amazon!

Jazzminton Paddle Game – Badminton is definitely fun. Putting up the net? Not so much. Skip the tedious part and enjoy badminton with a twist and without the net! This variation is perfect for those who want to enjoy a spontaneous game in between rounds of grilling or swimming. You can purchase yours on Amazon.

Jumbo Jenga – Are you a fan of Jenga? Bring the game out into the yard with a large version of the game! You can either purchase a set from various stores or online stores like Amazon or Etsy, or you can make your own super-staked version by using 2×4 pieces.

Poof Lawn Darts – Lawn darts are always fun to play, and this version is definitely kid- and pet-friendly! The darts are soft and foamy, and you can enjoy throwing them at targets without worrying about being injured. Find these darts at Amazon!

Water Balloon Dodge Ball – If you can dodge a dodge ball, you can dodge a water balloon, right? Find out with your very own water balloon dodge ball game! All you need is water balloons and plenty of water for all-out summertime fun. Just don’t aim for the face!

Yard Yahtzee – If you’re into classic games, the Yard Yahtzee is for you! Roll the giant dice onto the lawn to see if you can score the ever-elusive Yahtzee. These dice will also work great for other games including Farkle, craps, and more!

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