Madison Mutual 100 Years

5 Things We’re Celebrating After 100 Years in Business

Madison Mutual is not your typical insurance company. We’ve been focused on our policyholders since 1919, when founder Joseph Hlad decided there must be a better way of providing a positive auto insurance experience. With the help of 256 of his neighbors each pledging $20, Hlad made Madison Mutual possible.

One hundred years later we’ve learned a lot as a company. Here are five things we’re celebrating this year as we complete a century of exceptional insurance products and service.

1. Our Policyholders

Yes, we’re celebrating you this year! You are family to us, and we’re committed to your well-being. Your happiness makes us happy.

Hearing about your achievements and success over the years keeps us motivated to continue to give you the best possible prices and excellent insurance coverage and service. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be here a century later. Thank you! 

2. Our Agents

Our agents are the best around, and we aren’t just saying that. We boast more than 500 agents in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin who are always there to help you learn more about your options and answer any questions you may have. They explain our products and services in a way no one else can!

No matter what happens, finding a Madison Mutual agent is easy. Use our Find an Agent tool to locate the agent closest to you.

3. Superior Customer Service

Customer service is one of our biggest passions. We provide reliable customer service as well as superior product knowledge to all our customers.

It has taken years of experience, and lots of hard work and dedication to our policyholder needs to perfect the customer service we’re proud to provide every single day.

Whether you reach out on social media, via the phone or by visiting our website, we’ll always be there to answer questions and help you. 

4. Discounts That Count

We know how important it is to make every dollar count. That’s why we focus on getting our customers the best possible price. We offer multi-policy, safe driver and loyalty discounts as well as free perks like the roost smart products that come with a new homeowners policy.

Little bits of money put away go a long way in today’s economy. We’re here to help support you and your family, which means giving our customers the best price possible while still offering excellent coverage. 

5. Peace of Mind

We go beyond the basic coverage; our services offer you peace of mind. Extra coverage, like our identity theft restoration service, helps to keep you and your family safe.

We also offer support during stressful events like car accidents. If you get into an accident, we work directly with shops in our Direct Repair Program so you can focus on recovering.

Here’s to Another 100 Years!

Since 1919, our mission has stayed the same: We’re committed to the well-being of our policyholders, independent agents, employees and the communities we serve.

We look forward to serving our customers for another hundred years.