5 Easy Resolutions to Make for a Better 2014

There are only a few more days before 2013 makes its exit forever! While you’re more than likely gearing up for your New Year’s Eve parties and get-togethers, you’re probably trying to construct your goals and wishes for 2014 as well. Perhaps your New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, saving money, and spending more time with your friends and family. While all those are all great ideas to include in your 2014 goals and plans, maybe you should think about some resolutions you can make for your health, your safety, and your wallet as well!

Read all about our 5 easy New Year’s resolutions that you can make to be safer and more secure in 2014!

Put Down Your Cellphone – Using your cellphone while driving is not only dangerous, but it will also become illegal in the state of Illinois on January 1, 2014. If you happen to be involved in an at-fault accident and were using your cellphone, chances are that your insurance company will see this accident in the light of running a stoplight or a stop sign and hitting another car as it is a high degree of negligence. Be smart and safe – put down your cellphone when you drive. Never text and drive; pull off in a safe location if you must respond to a text. If your car has Bluetooth capabilities, use that instead to talk to your friends and family if you must so that you may keep both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road.

Make a Home Inventory – No doubt you probably received a lot of great gifts for Christmas – jewelry, new electronics, and maybe a new cellphone. In 2014, try to take inventory of what household belongings you have. If you ever have to file a homeowner’s insurance claim, you will want to know exactly what was lost, damaged, or stolen. Take a camera and either take photos of your valuables or go through your home room by room and closet by closet and record everything. Don’t forget your garage and backyard as well!

Save Some Money – Saving money is probably on everybody’s New Year’s resolutions list. While it might seem like a daunting task, saving a few bucks doesn’t have to be very difficult, especially when it comes to your heating and electric bills! Save more on your heating bill by keeping the thermostat at a cooler temperature and snuggling with blankets instead, and make sure that your home is weatherproofed so that you can keep the warm air in. Turn off all lights and devices that aren’t being used to save more money on your electric bill. Finally, talk to us to see if you qualify for any discounts on any of your insurance policies!

Grab an Umbrella – As great as insurance policies are, the standard homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover every risk you and your family may encounter. If you want the ultimate protection for you and your family, you will want to seriously consider getting an umbrella insurance policy, which is designed to give you added liability protections beyond the scope of a typical policy. Read more about the great benefits of umbrella insurance policies here!

Protect Your Identity – This is something you should strive to do every day. Thieves are coming up with more and more clever methods of obtaining and using your social security number, credit card numbers, and more. It wasn’t long ago when Target found out that thousands of customers between Thanksgiving and a week before Christmas could have had their card information compromised. Always keep your card information a secret from everyone else, shred any information that might be making its way to the trash, and never give out your information or social security number to anyone over the phone. Remain vigilant throughout the year by keeping close watch on your bank accounts and credit card accounts as well. If you notice unauthorized purchases on your accounts, notify the bank and police right away.

Need any more tips for 2014? Want to come in to review your insurance policies, discuss an umbrella insurance policy, or to see if you qualify for any discounts? We’re here for you! Call us at 1-800-766-MMIC, visit us online at www.madisonmutual.com, or stop by to see us in person to have all of your questions answered! We hope you have a wonderful New Year and look forward to doing business with you in 2014!