5 Common Storm Damage Repairs You Need to Know About

We know that in the event of a storm, anything can happen. The storm clouds might roll silently past you, or it could bring your world crashing down in an instant. When disaster strikes, you need to know what to do and whom to call. That’s why we’ve outlined 5 of the top storm damage repairs that occur for homeowners.

Read about these common repairs below!

Some of Your Shingles Are Missing – It’s not terribly uncommon for shingles to go missing after a mean storm has ravaged an area. If you find some shingles missing on your roof, you may patch or tarp the roof so that the interior of your home is protected. If you don’t know how to or are unable to, ask a professional to do the work for you.

Your Home’s Interior Has Water Damage – Let’s say the shingles’ absence caused your home’s interior to retain water damage. Step 1 – don’t panic. Step 2 – you need to clean up the water or have the water professionally cleaned in order to prevent further damage. Try to contact a professional immediately, if you can.

There’s Damage to Your Windows, Doors, or Walls – If you find that a limb crashed your window, a tree fell on your roof and crushed your wall, or any other similar sort of damage occurred to your property, do all that you can then and there to cover all of the openings to prevent further damage from happening. You’ll want to protect your home against the elements as much as possible until repairs have been made.

You Have a Plumbing Leak or Damaged Water Lines – If you happen to suffer a loss from your water lines or find that you have plumbing leaks due to storm damage, please shut off the water source first! Next, take the proper steps to clean up the water or call a professional to help you avoid further damage.

A Tree Limb Fell Across Your Power Line – In the event that a tree limb happens to fall across a power line of yours and causes an interruption of electricity, especially during the winter months, please be sure to substitute your power with a generator so you can keep your home warm and the pipes from freezing. If your pipes look like they might freeze, you may take steps to winterize your plumbing to prevent serious damage.

Most emergency or temporary repairs take a common sense approach. If you’re not sure what to do in the event that storm damage has taken place, your agent will always be happy to help you! You can also call us at Madison Mutual at 1-800-766-MMIC or visit us online at www.madisonmutual.com to help with any questions you might have.