4 Ways You Can Become a Better Defensive Driver

Being a defensive driver is a combination of both your existing driving skills and your practice of good habits. Defensive drives are proactive rather than reactive. They are constantly taking in new information from what they see while driving and reacting before an accident or issue occurs.

Below are some key tips that you can practice to help you become a better defensive driver.

Look Both Ways at Intersections – Even if you have a green light or the right-of-way, it is still important to look both ways when crossing an intersection. If you are the first car to go through an intersection, make sure that there are no cars running a red light that could cross your path and create an accident.

Minimize Lane Changes – It is more common for a person to cause an accident if they are driving above the speed limit and frequently changing lanes. By staying in one lane for a majority of your trip and driving within the speed limits, you reduce your risk of cutting off another car, swiping another vehicle, or accidentally merging into the same lane as someone else.

Keep High Eyes When Driving – Keeping high eyes on the road means watching the actual road in front of you and not the car in front of you. If the driver in front of you is not paying attention and has to suddenly hit the brakes, you, too, will have to suddenly hit the brakes. However, if you are watching the road in front, you will be able to see the situation ahead and brake before the driver in front of you needs to brake.

Get Away From Bad Drivers – Make sure to do your best to stay away from poor drivers on the road. These problematic drivers can cause accidents, and if you are around them, your chances of being in an accident increase as well. Problematic drivers include drivers who are under the influence of alcohol, speeding, tail-gating, have road rage, frequently changing lanes, extremely slow drivers, and exhibit any other erratic behavior.

Remember, there are many other ways you can be a good defensive driver. The above tips are just a few ways to help you better understand defensive driving and how it can help prevent accidents.