4 Tips to Help You Drive in Foggy Weather Like a Pro

Foggy weather is one of the most dangerous weather conditions for motorists to drive in. It can decrease visibility greatly, so it is important for drivers to pay full attention and stay focused to stay safe. After all, fog has been a huge contributing factor to many accidents and fatalities on the road nationwide.

While we suggest staying off the road when fog settles on the road, sometimes you can’t avoid fog. If that’s the case, read up on these 4 tips below to help you navigate your way through the fog safely and effectively!

Turn Your Lights On – When it’s foggy, it is important to keep your headlights fully on so that other motorists can see you. Fog reflects bright light and decreases visibility, but you need to have your lights on to ensure that other drivers can see you. If your vehicle has fog lights, use those, too. However, DO NOT use your high beam lights. It will decrease visibility even more.

Slow Down – Fog can make it hard for people to perceive how fast they are actually moving because it masks surroundings, and people have a tendency to subconsciously speed up. Be aware of this and slow down. Check your speedometer to make sure you are not speeding up without realizing.

Watch the Lines – When driving, people are often drawn to look at the lights ahead of them as their guide while on the road. This is especially dangerous in foggy weather, so follow the lane lines on the right side as a guide instead. Don’t use the lines on the left – doing so can move you closer to oncoming traffic.

Don’t Stop on the Road – Sometimes fog is so dense that it becomes unsafe to continue driving. In this case, it may be best to stop driving and wait until the fog lifts. Pull off into a parking lot, driveway, or rest area, but never stop on the road. Get as far away from traffic as possible and turn off your headlights so other drivers won’t confuse you for the lane of travel.

While these tips will help you tackle the fog like a seasoned driver, it’s still vital to remember that anything can happen on the road, no matter how prepared you are. Let all of us at Madison Mutual help keep you and your vehicle safe. Call us at 1-800-766-MMIC to speak with your agent today!