snowy roadin the winter

4 Smart Tips for Driving Safely in the Snow and Ice

Breaking news from The Farmer’s Almanac! A bad winter has been predicted for us here in the Midwest. While winter seemed to be on vacation last year, it is predicted to be back in full force this year with numbing cold and plenty of wintry precipitation.

Are you dreading driving in the snow and ice? Check these 4 tips to help you drive safely this winter:

Slow Your Speed – Reducing your speed is one of the most important tips for driving safely in the snow and ice. Snow and ice can create “black ice,” which is always a danger on the road in winter. The faster your speed is, the greater potential for damage. The maximum speed for driving during such weather conditions should be 45 mph, but anything less than 45 mph is highly encouraged.

Wear Your Seatbelt – Wearing your seatbelt should be the first step you take when entering your car. Doing so can save you from tremendous injury if you were to get into an accident. Many people who have been injured in accidents were not wearing a seatbelt. Neglecting to wear a seatbelt can make a fender bender in the snow and ice much worse for you than it already is.

Pay Attention to the Weather – If you don’t already check the weather daily, now is the time to start! Checking the weather in the wintertime allows you to prepare yourself for an allotted driving time. Being aware of treacherous incoming weather will help determine whether you should drive in it or not. Make use of current weather information to make your best judgment.

Take It Easy on Your Brakes – Did you know your anti-lock brake system does not work very well in snow and ice? If your wheels are sliding, try your best to keep your foot off the brake. Your forceful steering will not change your direction during sliding, and the input steering doesn’t react when your wheels are sliding. Again, drive slowly and brake gently!

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