4 Havoc-Wreaking Springtime Storms and How You Can Stay Safe and Minimize Damage

There’s no doubt about it – spring is finally here! As the temperatures seesaw back and forth between deliciously warm to chilly throughout the coming weeks, we will also see an increase in unpredictable weather. Since the temperatures fluctuate more frequently during this time of year, there is a greater potential for us to experience severe weather.

While it’s practically impossible for us to completely avoid damage from storms, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you are prepared. Read on below about the 4 most frequent springtime storms and how you can protect yourself, your loved ones, and everything that matters to you!

Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
Thunderstorms pop up frequently in the spring when warm and cold air collide together. Sometimes, tornados can be a product of a thunderstorm as well. Whenever severe thunderstorms or tornadoes break out, go to the basement or the lowest part of your home and cover yourself with a layer of padding by using pillows, blankets, or cushions. Stay away from the windows, and unplug electrical appliances. If you’re in a mobile home and a tornado is on the way, move to a safe structure. If you happen to be outside or driving and can’t get to shelter, pull over, find the lowest ground you can, and lay flat. Make sure you stay far away from trees and cars as well.

During a severe storm, hail will sometimes form. These ice pellets, which vary in size from a dime to a softball, will plummet from the sky and can cause extensive damage to vehicles, homes, and anything that happens to be left outside. While you can’t always protect yourself from the sudden outburst of hail, do your best to park your vehicle and store your furniture and bikes inside a garage. Stay indoors and keep away from the windows until the storm blows over. If you’re outside, cover your body and your head as best as you can. Stuck on the road? Pull off to the side or in a parking ramp and wait for the storm to pass.

Floods are unfortunately one of the most devastating and most frequent natural disasters that occur during the spring. If you know that a flood is imminent, seal off the basement of your home to avoid water leaks. Avoid walking through floodwaters, but if you do have to trek through them, use a pole or something sturdy to give you leverage. As always, never drive through flooded areas. It’s so easy for floodwaters to carry off a vehicle, and it can be very difficult to estimate the depths of the water on the road. It’s always your safest bet to turn around and find a different way to go instead.

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