3 Easy Tips to Help You Better Organize Your Life

We all have busy lives and busy schedules. Between school, work, extra curricular activities, and housework, it can be a bit overwhelming to juggle it all. That’s why organization is key to keeping it together and keeping your sanity!

Here are 3 clever tips and tricks to help you stay organized and to simplify those tasks that can become more complicated that we’d like:

Create a family command center. You can use a big dry erase board where the whole family can write notes or reminders for the current week. This can include schedule changes, practices, or meeting times. Use a calendar to write and color coordinate everyone’s events and schedules.

Keep an activities kit in your car. This kit can include tissues, towels, wet wipes, first aid kit, plastic bags for smelly or dirty uniforms, and an umbrella. Having these in your car at all times will allow you to be prepared at all times for any type of weather or incidents that may come your way.

Download an app to your phone to help organize your life. One example of an app that is great for organization is the Cozi mobile app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app allows you to manage your calendar, set reminders, and add appointments. When each of your family members creates an account on their device, it allows them to see every appointment, meeting, and practice so there are no more double bookings! You can also create to-do lists, create a journal, or even drum up a shopping list.

We all know that keeping your life organized is the best way to remain stress-free and in control. Utilizing the above tips can help you organize your schedule and your family’s schedule as school activities and the holidays quickly approach us. Everyone has a different organization style, but by trying these tips you will be sure to find a system that works for both you and your family.