10 Ways You Can Get Your Yard Ready for Summer

Spring is a great time of the year to get outside and start thinking about your yard. This is the perfect opportunity for you to take stock of your yard and see if there are any improvements to be made before summer arrives.

Here are 10 tasks you should do this spring to make your yard look absolutely perfect for summer:

Knock Out Pesky Pests – You might be a fan of the spring season – so are aphids and garden pests! If you notice any of your plants’ leaves curling or looking under the weather, aphids might be to blame. You can get rid of them by spraying your plants with a strong jet of water frequently, using an insecticidal soap or horticultural oil, or introducing ladybugs into your flowerbeds at dusk.

Plant and Maintain Flowers and Vegetables – After the last frost is behind you, start planting flowers, plants, vegetables, and any other greenery you want. Keep in mind which plants do the best in the sunlight and which ones do best in the shade as well. If you’re not sure which plants are best, ask the experts at your local nursery.

Fix Uneven Stepping Stones – If you notice any of your stepping stones becoming more uneven these days, take the time now to shore them up a bit. Lift the stones and put down some additional gravel or dirt to level them out. Double-check them with a leveling device; stepping stones that are uneven can be a hazard!

Clean the Gutters – It’s time to clear out those leaves from last fall! Find a sturdy ladder, put on some work gloves, and clear out all the leaves and debris in your gutters. Finish it off by running a small bucket of water through the gutters to ensure that you don’t have any leaks.

Give Your Lawn Some Love – It’s not too early to start making your lawn look beautiful! Dig out those pesky deeply-rooted dandelions and weeds, and give the lawn a fresh cut. As the weather gets warmer, you can gradually raise the blade on your lawn mower to cut the grass 1.5 – 2 inches tall. This will allow your grass to become more resistant to the sweltering summer heat.

Remove the Dead Plants – If you have any dead plants from last summer hanging around in your garden beds, take the time now to remove them. Don’t forget about any leaves, dead branches, and anything else that isn’t very likely to bloom again. This will give the newly planted flowers and shrubs plenty of oxygen and sunshine!

Add In Something New – Along with your perennials and bushes, try adding in a few new plants or flowers this year. You can create a color scheme or simply plant flowers according to size. When you’re looking for the right plants, choose plants that aren’t already blooming and don’t have any browning or discoloration.

Prune Away Dead and Damaged Tree Branches and Shrubs – If you have any tree or shrub branches that have been damaged during this past winter, prune them back. Hand pruners can do the job most of the time, but for anything larger than ½ inch in diameter, we recommend using a handsaw.

Clean Up Around Plants – Have your flowerbeds become adorned with last fall’s fallen leaves? Give the area some love by raking out all of the fallen leaves and pulling up dead foliage and annuals. This will help your new plants breathe and produce beautiful blooms that you can enjoy all summer long.

Divide and Conquer – Have your perennials become a bit unruly? Divide them! Prune flowering perennials to a height of 4-5 inches, and cut any ornamental grasses back to 2-3 inches to encourage new growth. Once the soil has thawed, dig up some of your perennials to thin out any crowded beds and transplant them to create a more balanced look in your yard.

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