We know that you’ve worked hard for everything you have. Now let Madison Mutual work hard to protect you with our personal umbrella insurance!

Our team of agents is knowledgeable and caring and can provide umbrella insurance coverage to maximize your security in the event of a liability claim. We can determine how much personal umbrella insurance you may need to be protected against a true catastrophe.

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What is an Umbrella Liability Policy?

Your home, auto or farm policies cover you for certain risks and specific limits. But sometimes you might need more coverage than these policies can provide. An umbrella policy is designed to protect you against a catastrophic lawsuit or judgment. It provides an additional layer of coverage over and above the liability coverage found in your primary insurance policies including your home, auto, farm or business liability policies.

Why do I need an Umbrella Liability policy?

An umbrella policy can help protect you from a potential financial catastrophe. In today’s litigious society, it’s not uncommon to hear about very large jury awards. An umbrella policy can help protect the assets that you’ve worked hard for and accumulated over the years.

Review the liability limits listed in your home, auto, farm, or business policies – if a large judgment were awarded against you, how would you pay it?

What does an Umbrella Liability policy cover?

An umbrella liability policy covers you and your family or business for most bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury losses. Defense coverage is available for defending claims and suits, if coverages apply.

What isn’t covered under an umbrella policy?

It’s important to know that things like intentional damage or damage that came from business or professional pursuits will not typically be covered by an umbrella insurance policy. If you accept liability under the terms of a contract or agreement or are liable for damage to your own property, it will not be covered. Liability related to the ownership, maintenance and use of aircraft, nontraditional watercraft and most recreational vehicles will also not be covered. Most policies exclude damage covered under a workers’ compensation policy or liability resulting from war or insurrection as well.