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2018 Policy Changes

It’s a fresh new year, and while you’re well on your way to achieving all your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget to review your insurance coverage at the beginning of each year to make sure you don’t have any coverage gaps. Here is a checklist of what you should revisit each year for all your […]

Selecting, Maintaining and Disposing of a Christmas Tree

It’s that time of year again: Time to add a Christmas tree to your holiday decor. Whether you already have your tree up and decorated or are waiting to find the perfect pine closer to Christmas, it’s officially the season to fill your home with cheer! With everyone thinking about wish lists, holiday shopping and […]

How to Shut Off Utilities When Disaster Strikes

Natural disasters can strike without warning, and every emergency plan should include knowing how to shut off your utilities. Understanding utility warning signs and deciding whether services need to be turned off could be the difference between life and death. Leak Warning Signs and How to Shut Off Natural Gas Any smell of natural gas […]

6 Little-Known Ways to Drive Safer

Everyone knows to use their blinker, check their side view mirrors and obey the speed limit when they’re still sitting in a car seat. Everyone knows these pillars of safe driving reduce the amount of accidents and their associated damages. But not everyone knows the finer, almost esoteric, ways to be a true champion of […]

Top 7 Tricks to Beat the Heat (Without Breaking the Bank)

Ever wonder why July seems like it’s the hottest month of the year? Well, according to The Weather Channel, that’s because it is. Here in the Midwest, it’s not uncommon for cooling costs alone to be more than $300 while Mother Nature does her best furnace impression. So, here are seven simple things you can […]

Keeping Memories Alive: How to Preserve Family Heirlooms

Memories of lost loved ones are often sparked by the presence of something which once belonged to them. Your grandmother’s wedding ring reminds you of how you used to slide it off her finger and try it on your own. Your great-grandfather’s pipe brings back the sweet tobacco smell that filled your nose whenever you […]

14 Effective Ways to Help You Fight the Urge to Text and Drive

The smartphone: unparalleled connection and information in the palm of your hand. You have practically the entire world at the tip of your fingers. Regardless of how invaluable such technology is, it can still serve as a temptation for some people, especially while in the driver’s seat. Texting while driving is banned in 46 states […]

6 Things We Love About Madison Mutual

It’s true – you can get your insurance from any old insurance provider. But why should you when Madison Mutual is here to tend to your needs? After all, there’s plenty to love about our services and our company! Here are 6 things that will send you head-over-heels for us! We Protect Your Identity – […]