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Keeping Memories Alive: How to Preserve Family Heirlooms

Memories of lost loved ones are often sparked by the presence of something which once belonged to them. Your grandmother’s wedding ring reminds you of how you used to slide it off her finger and try it on your own. Your great-grandfather’s pipe brings back the sweet tobacco smell that filled your nose whenever you […]

14 Effective Ways to Help You Fight the Urge to Text and Drive

The smartphone: unparalleled connection and information in the palm of your hand. You have practically the entire world at the tip of your fingers. Regardless of how invaluable such technology is, it can still serve as a temptation for some people, especially while in the driver’s seat. Texting while driving is banned in 46 states […]

6 Things We Love About Madison Mutual

It’s true – you can get your insurance from any old insurance provider. But why should you when Madison Mutual is here to tend to your needs? After all, there’s plenty to love about our services and our company! Here are 6 things that will send you head-over-heels for us! We Protect Your Identity – […]

4 Smart Tips for Driving Safely in the Snow and Ice

Breaking news from The Farmer’s Almanac! A bad winter has been predicted for us here in the Midwest. While winter seemed to be on vacation last year, it is predicted to be back in full force this year with numbing cold and plenty of wintry precipitation. Are you dreading driving in the snow and ice? […]

5 Must-Follow Winter Tips for Farmers

All famers know that just because the harvest is finished doesn’t mean that the work is complete. A little preparation goes a long way come spring. Use the acronym FARMS to remember these vital 5 winterization steps: Fill Tanks – Topping off fuel and hydraulic oil tanks prevent condensation from forming as the temperature changes […]

9 Ridiculously Easy Ways to Save Money This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a bit draining, and we’re not talking emotionally! Beginning with Halloween and ending with a huge celebration to ring in the New Year, preparing for the holidays can be daunting. Oftentimes we can find ourselves going overboard, and the credit card debt builds up in the blink of an eye. […]

9 Tips to Help You Deep Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey Safely

There’s nothing quite like enjoying a delicious, crispy fried turkey on Thanksgiving Day! This method of cooking will give you a mouth-watering, tender turkey to savor; however, you will need to take the proper steps to ensure that your meal is cooked properly and that you stay safe. After all, deep fryers present quite a […]